Diwali Weekend 2009

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This weekend was a big weekend for us Joshis. Our first Diwali as a married couple and we celebrated the year anniversary of Neel proposing to me! For the festivities, Neel and I traveled up to the Bay to spend some quality time with family.

In addition to eating large amounts of food, The Joshis also decided to decorate the Sunnyvale house in a proper manner for Diwali. We gathered up some sidewalk chalk and 108 tea lights and decorated the courtyard and walk way. Here are just a few pictures of our wonderful art!

This is the main Rangoli in the Courtyard done by Neel.

A look at the outside steps from the courtyard.

The stairs close up. This Rangoli was done by Gautam!

A view from the Outside into the Courtyard. This Rangoli was done by me!

In addition to Diwali and our one year anni of being engaged, Gautam and I celebrate a very special day. Our First Bhai Dhoj as Bhai and Vaheni! I made Gautam some lovely Brussel Sprouts Subji along with Mushroom Masala. I like to think he enjoyed them. Here are some pictures from our Aarti!

Givin’ G a lil’ Blessing!

My present from Gautam! I named him White Button Mushroom!

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Diwali Mubarak Ho!

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What’s Your Rashee?

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As the leaves begin to change colors in lovely New England, the weather here in San Diego remains remarkably summer like. It feels a bit like I’m cheating on New England, but I’m sure it understands that I’m in SD for a good reasons.

This weekend was visiting both sides of our family, with Saturday at my family’s place in Apple Valley and Sunday and the wonderful A-Maus. Saturday we spent showering our cousin Vij with blessing as she’s expecting a lil’ baby girl in January. It was great to see family and some new faces! Here are some pictures of festivities!

Joshis and Puris

Joshis and Peddamas

Neel being Silly with Dhattu Babbu

Sunday, the Joshi clan gathered at the local movie theater to view a private screening (ha!) of What’s Your Rashee, staring some Indian Actor that looks like Gautam, Priyanka Chopra AND Milind Kaka. I’m not going to give it away, but the movie is awesome, and Milind Kaka is the best. I’m not going to give away his big scene, but here is the link to my favorite song from the movie: What’s Your Rashee?

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