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So the lovely people at Boston Photobooth Rental posted the pictures from the Photobooth onto secure website. The site is pretty sweet and you can order additional prints, or even get your pictures on a mug. I mean, who wouldn’t want a travel mug with their Neelaja Photobooth picture on it right?

Here is the link and password information:

password: neelaja09

Take a look at your pictures and hey, maybe make a mug!


The Joy of Cooking: American Style

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From the Top Left: Habenero Shrimp, Mint Pea Soup, Spinach and Mushroom Pockets

After a few nights of Indian food, I decided to try some recipes from The Cook’s Bible. The Shrimps were purchased at Whole Food’s (or Whole Pay Check) for $1.99 each. The soup along with the pockets were made from scratch and I have to say they were pretty tasty. Even without a large Cusinart we were able to blend the soup pretty darn well.

Next time around when making the soup, I may add some spice to give it a bit of a kick.

Tomorrow: The Joy of Cooking: Homemade Bread



The Joy of Cooking: The Green Meal

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From Top Left: Spinach Chicken, Okra Fry, Chapathis, Veggie Spinach Chicken, Bell Peppers

My yearn to cooking classic Indian dishes took flight Saturday night as I made a A Very Green Meal. No, the meal was not Eco-Friendly; rather made up of all green veggies. Comprised of Spinach Chicken (both Veg and Non-Veg), Bell Peppers with Coconut and Cashews and Okra. In addition, the husband made some wonderful Chapthi to go along with this Green Meal.

For those Veggies, like myself who have carnivorous counterparts, use Quran Naked Chicken as a substitute in any chicken recipe, it works really well and is a high source of protein.
Tomorrow: The Joy of Cooking: American Style



Buy me some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

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Tis the season my friends. While I’d actually prefer if you refrained from buying me some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks seeing as I’m allergic tis the season for Baseball at America’s Favorite Park, Fenway. 

Last night Neelaja broke in their new custom Neelaja ‘09 Red Sox Jerseys (Courtesy of BujiReks) at the Red Sox-Toronto Blue Jays game. The weather was a lovely 70 something degrees and the beer overpriced at $15.50 for two solo cups of Sam Summer. 

After a rocking win, Neelaja cruised the Fenway area and hit up our old stomping ground back from the days when we were first dating. A cone at Emack & Bolio’s along with a Pint at Audobahn and we were on our way home. 

If you haven’t made me a friend on Twitter or Facebook then you probably did not see my multiple Twitpics on the game. So for those of you who missed out, here is a snap of us at the game. 


The Joy of Cooking: Monday Night Dinner

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Hyderabadi Chicken and Ginger-Garlic Eggs.

Monday Night Dinner. A new tradition that I’ve started as a Joshi and I think is going to be a successful endeavor. Last nights dinner included Hyderabadi Chicken and Ginger-Garlic Eggs, recipe courtesy of SriVani R. Ganti.

While I did not try the chicken, the Ginger-Garlic Eggs came out really well. I’m thinking of making a Deviled Eggs Indian style sometime soon.

Tomorrow will be another Indian cooking adventure, stay tuned!



The Joshis in the Dominican Republic

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Ah, the Dominican Republic. Home to Big Pappi, Bean and Rice, Coffee and Oh, RUM! Lots of Rum. Here are a few pictures from our trip-enjoy!

One of the many beautiful views on DR.

Getting ready to Zip Line through the Yasika Region of DR.

Neel investigating Coco Beans in a local house


Sitting Pretty in a Basket

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Me and My Basket. In case you’re in the market-I’m renting it out for $100 an event.


Dr. and Mrs. Joshi

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That’s right. It’s REALLY official. In the eyes of God and Massachusetts, Neelaja is officially Mr & Mrs. Neelaja. Words cannot express how absolutely magical the day was and how truly blessed we are to have such amazing family and friends. For all of those who helped with folding programs, taking pictures, making sure we had a kick ass Bhaarat-Thank You. From the bottom of our hearts thank you for celebrating such an amazing day with us and we look forward to taking out next steps together.

Pictures from the Neelaja Wedding are up on Facebook and the professional pictures will be up in a week.

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