Massachusetts says Hello Mrs. Joshi!

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7 Days, 3 Hours and 50 Minutes to Go

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Its hard to believe that next week at this time, I’ll be dolled up and waiting in the Dicken’s Room for the my auspicious time to be carried down the aisle.

The past few months have been a whirlwind of emotions, starting with an amazing trip to India and ending (or beginning) with a life and career changing move. As I leave my last name behind I also leave a career at Reebok International to pursue my Masters in Anthropology full time. The change is exhilarating, but at the same time scary as all hell.

Enough about me though, lets talk about the Wedding.

Hopefully you’ve all booked your flights and hotel rooms. Big things to remember, be there on time and make sure you get your picture taken at the Photobooth. No really you guys, make sure you get your photo taken at the Photobooth because its super cool and, well we paid good money to have it there!

Looking forward to seeing you all in 7 Days, 3 Hours and (now) 39 Minutes.

Man it took me awhile to write this post!


Cookbooks, Paper Source and Lush

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Cookbooks, Paper Source Gift Certificates and Lush. A simple request from a bride-to-be turned into an awesome day filled with wonderful food and blessings all around. Hosted by the amazing Lakshmi auntie with help from all of our good friends, my bridal shower was hit.

Still busy with wedding prep, I haven’t had a chance to properly thank everyone for the amazing gifts they gave me, including an array of cookbooks, some sweet gift certificates to the Paper Source and of course, good yummy smelly stuff from Lush.

Above are some of the pictures from the lovely event!



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With 29 days left till I officially become a Joshi, I’m wondering about the following:

  • What kind of cake is better, Raspberry Lime Ricky or Raspberry Ricotta?
  • Sailaja N. Ganti-Joshi or Sailaja N. Ganti Joshi?
  • Why is it so hard to find a DJ?

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