Beware the Ides of March

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So while you’re bewarin’ the Ides of March, sending in your RSVP cards and thinking of recipes-make sure you check out the About the Wedding page as some important updates have been made!


We actually have 51 days till we get married…

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Yes its true, looks like we actually have 51 days till we get married, but who’s counting?

Anyways, while you fill out your RSVPs and Recipe cards-here’s a blast from the past.


50 days… the countdown begins!

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Dear friends and family of neelaja,

Well, we are getting down to the wire here folks. Sailaja is freaking out and I am trying to stay sane myself, but with 50 days to until the wedding we still have to finalize a lot of things - photographer, cake, videographer, DJ, and the list goes on. If any of you know people that would like to do any of these things for us, let us know. But, I think the piece of news that might have just thrown Sailaja over the brink into the abyss of madness is that we just found out that people are sending her carefully selected and stuffed RSVP cards without their names or number of people attending. That’s right. Apparently the Ganti family has just received a number of RSVPs… WITHOUT ANY NAMES OR ANY FORM OF IDENTIFICATION. I know, they are admittedly hard to write on and seal and everything, but please - if you are reading this please figure something out and tell us that you are coming and how many people you will be. Stick something on the RSVP card, write in silver pen, call us, email us, facebook message us, whatever. Just please don’t send any more blank RSVPs back to us, or our honeymoon might be in a padded cell.




About the Wedding

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For those of you are looking for information about the wedding, please turn to the About the Wedding page.


And the award for most creative RSVP goes to…

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So by now, you’ve probably received your invitation.

You’ve probably also noticed how beautiful the invitation is, how rich the paper is and of course, the awesome recipe card.

You’ve also probably noticed that its pretty hard to write with a normal pen on the RSVP card. Now, we ran into the same problem, in fact you probably noticed that your invitation was addressed kinda funky and in a weird colored pen. Actually, its a Pilot Silver Marker which can be picked up for $2.99 at your local stationary store. I suggest going to Paper Source, its my favorite place. In fact, while your there you should check out their greeting card section.

Ok. I digress. The point is, we get it. We know its hard to fill out the RSVP cards, so get creative-cut out magazine numbers or perhaps use some white out.

Just let us know, because we can’t wait to see you at the wedding.

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